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How do I get started as a beta tester?

Just head on over to Merchant Advisory Services to create your account. Visit their Help Center to learn about what key pieces of information you will need to create your account. If you need help creating your account or if you have questions just start a web chat. After your account is set up and verified we will send you a $5 Gift Card in exchange for completing a survey and providing us with your feedback about your experience.

What is this beta test about?

This private beta test is sponsored by Merchant Advisory Services to get feedback on an unreleased web and mobile application from real people in real life situations. This feedback will be used to improve the User Interface and User Experience before we go all out. This our chance to get the mobile app into the hands of consumers in in the real world and see how they use it and what kinds of problems they may run into. This isĀ  one of the first things we will research before launching a payments platform.

What we look for in beta testers?

Generally speaking, is looking for beta testers that have a use for a payments app to accept payments and will devote the time to thoroughly use the web and mobile applications in a real world environment and give honest feedback on their experiences.

What will beta testers have do?

Beta testers are expected to use the product and give feedback on it. Using the product could mean completing specific tasks or just using it however you normally would. Feedback could take the form of surveys, emails, DMs or just starting the conversation with support on anything that comes up. Helping us to get the word out to others who you think might find this new form digital payments useful would be a plus.

What is required to be a beta tester?

To participate in this private beta the only requirements are that you have a Mobile Device and you have a need to accept payments from customers. If you are ready to get started now, just click the Sign Up button to complete a provide us with a few details about your mobile device preferences and that’s it. After your account if verified we will send you a $5 gift card in exchange for your feedback on the experience.

Who is carrying out this beta test ?

This beta test is being supported by Merchant Advisory Services, a 6 year old independent sales organization of payment solutions and re-seller of merchant services from payment processors like CloverConnect, TSYS,, NMI, Maverick Payments and most recently, Stripe & Global Payments. Merchant Advisory Services, has a short url for managing this new digital payments platform and providing more levels of support for clients. To learn more visit: or

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions about anything you can visit our FAQs or visit our Help Center for more information.
You can find instructions in Merchant Advisory Services Help Center about what you will need to get started.

This Beta Test by Merchant Advisory Services will give consumers the opportunity to test drive and improve user experience with valuable feedback. Early adopters will be rewarded and beta testers with exclusive offers and promotional rewards. was created by Merchant Advisory Services, a 6 year old payments start up. Click the button below to learn more about
Merchant Advisory Services, or
Merch Ad Serv, for short.
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